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Mold problems have been receiving a lot of attention due to the vast amounts of sickness and lawsuits that have been created.

Since the 1970's home construction has changed.

What is mold?


Molds are divided into 3 basic groups:

  • Allergenics: Molds that can cause symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, runny nose.

  • Phatogenic: Molds tha can cause suppressed immune systems.

  • Toxic: Molds that can cause serious health effects in almost everyone. This effects can be short-term irritations to even cancers.


  • Respiratory system

  • Immune system

  • Neurological disorders

  • Nose bleeds/bleeding lungs

  • Coughing/Sneezing/Watery eyes

  • Allergic reactions/rashes

  • Death

Why is Mold More Prevalent in Home Today?


According to statistics from the Bureau of the Census, 35% of homes are damaged do to water or moisture.

  • Water intrusion in basements

  • Sewer or septic breakdowns

  • Water supply leaks

  • Improperly vented fans and appliances

  • Bathroom exhaust fans

  • Dryer exhaust.


  • Visible Mold

  • Evidence of water penetration

  • Conditions that could allow water penetration

  • Smell

  • Poorly maintained HVAC

  • Improperly vented fans or appliances


There are typically 3 common types of mold testing that are performed for real estate transactions:

  • Swab/Tape lift sampling

  • Carpet Sampling

  • Air Sampling

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